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September 23, 2008


Joe Rubino

Thanks for producing this feature. I have enjoyed it many times over the past few years. One comment: although the Flutie play is the most famous Hail Mary in NCAA history, it is arguably the least impressive. It is the only one on this list, besides the first play (Washington) in which the receiver is unchallenged. It's just a great long throw and catch. Phelan has no one challenging him, as the Miami DB's not only mis-judge the ball, but they knock each other down. In stark contrast, is Clay Brown’s catch from Jim McMahon. First of all, the BYU play is almost the exact same play as the Flutie play, thrown from just about the exact same spot on the filed to the exact same spot on the field. Yet, unlike Phelan, Clay Brown is surrounded by 5 SMU defenders. They all jump, he does not, yet somehow he comes down with the ball. Talk about a Hail Mary!! This play is a miracle. I have seen this play 100 times, and I still cannot fathom how Brown caught this ball. His catch, to me, is almost supernatural. Whereas all Phelan has to do is catch the ball making it a fairly easy play, Brown’s catch is a real "how-did-he-do-it?"


Northwestern vs. Minnesota on Oct. 28, 2000 should be in the top five AT LEAST on this list.


Thing about that BC-Miami game in '84 was that never...in the 100+ year history of college football..had two opposing QBs each thrown for over 300 yards in a game. Flutie finished w/ 472 passing yards that day, Bernie Kosar w/ 447. That game was historic even before Hail Flutie.


I'd like to add Northwestern's hail mary win over Minnesota on October 28, 2000:

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